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Global macro & geopolitics from a small economy perspective

About Landfall

Landfall Strategy Group is a Singapore-based research and advisory firm that provides distinctive insights on global economic and geopolitical issues to governments, firms, and financial institutions, with a specific focus on small advanced economies. Landfall provides perspectives on global economic and political developments from a small country point of view, advising decision-makers on how best to navigate a changing global environment.

The core belief is that small advanced economies face distinct challenges and opportunities, which required targeted analysis and advice – small countries are not simply scaled-down versions of large countries. This reality matters for small country policy-makers, as well as for firms and investors that have an exposure to the performance and dynamics of small advanced economies. Landfall’s singular focus on small advanced economies makes our work distinctive. Working in small advanced economies around the world provides us with a deep set of insights and perspectives on the issues that are common to small countries.

Landfall Strategy Group works with three main types of clients:

Small country governments
Landfall provides strategic advice to small advanced economy governments about how best to respond to a rapidly changing global economic and political environment. The advice is based on our perspectives on how the global context is impacting on small countries, proprietary data and research on small advanced economy issues, and extensive small country policy networks. We combine distinctive insights on global trends with a deep understanding of the implications for small countries – and we focus on making the advice actionable by small country government decisions-makers. Landfall has worked with senior officials in several small advanced economy governments in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe on a range of strategic policy issues (economic strategy, foreign affairs, public sector management). This work is a mixture of specific engagements, ongoing retainer-style advisory services, as well as the regular provision of analysis and perspectives on emerging small advanced economy issues.

Financial institutions with a small country exposure
Landfall provides advisory services to financial institutions that have an exposure to small advanced economies and markets. Drawing on our research and analysis across small advanced economies, we provide perspectives on the structural drivers of small advanced economy performance as well on how developments with respect to global macro, globalisation and geopolitics are likely to impact on the economic and market performance of these small countries. Landfall’s sharp focus on the portfolio of small advanced economies, our ability to combine global economics and politics, and our proprietary small advanced economy data and research approaches, adds distinctive value to our clients: we can identify specific risks and opportunities in small country economies and markets in ways that may otherwise be missed.

Small country firms
Large firms in small countries need to understand the strategic economic and geopolitical context in which they operate: coming from a small country matters. In response, Landfall provides advisory services on how the domestic and external macroeconomic and geopolitical context is changing, the implications for the firm, and the options for responding. This work is focused on providing actionable insights and perspectives on global economic and geopolitical dynamics, drawing on our knowledge of the challenges and opportunities faced by small countries in a changing international economic and political environment. This small country framing is distinctive, and is a source of value to our corporate clients. This work is designed to complement the role that is often played by in-house strategy teams.

All of Landfall’s client work is built on a commitment to investing in knowledge, with a focus on small advanced economies, globalisation and geopolitics. This is often published in the form of regular op-eds and essays, as well as through contributing to conferences and other events around the world. This engagement aims to advance an understanding of the impact of global forces on small countries – and on the appropriate responses to these challenges and opportunities. We also aim to develop a small country voice on global issues: because small advanced economies are acutely exposed to the global economic and political environment, they serve as the ‘canaries in the mine’ of the global system, and can provide insightful perspectives to larger countries on emerging global dynamics and how best to respond.